Tuesday, August 6, 2013

July 31, 2013 Ciao Tutti

Buon Giorno a tutti voi

I hope that every one is doing wonderful.  I am just great.  I love where I am right now and I love that I am working so hard.  Its really paying off in time, I know that.  We really arent teaching any solid people, there isnt much progress going on, but there are going to be some really great people getting into the baptismal font here sometime.  We are working on it.  My new companion Anziano Erickson is from Puyallup, Washington...I think that you served there dad, but I dont remember if that was one of your areas...you ever been there??  He is great.  We are having a great time together and we are working hard.  I dont think that there is any better way to train a missionary than to work him out of his shoes right in the beginning.  So that is what we are diong, we are hitting the streets, we are teaching people and we are trying our hardest to find some new people to teach.  I have got to say that this is probably one of the best cities to start in, and that is why there is always a bunch of missionaries that are doing it.  There are a few missionaries that just came in from California.  One from Gridley Ca and one from Red Bluff, CA...and I think that is Uncle Dee's stake, isnt it.  Hahaha small world.  I dont remember his name, but he is here.  But it was great to see all the new missionaries, and the old.  I was one of the oldest in the mission training, meaning, there were two people who had been in the mission longer that we training, out of 31 or something.  Mamma.  But I am having a great time.  I think that old investigators have to be some gold in the making, i have made some phone calls and have set up 9 appointments with potential investigators this week.  Its been awesome.  I hope that they all come through for me, and we are able to teach them.  Things are great here in Genova, here in Italy.  Love you guys

Anziano Treadway