Thursday, May 17, 2012

May 16, 2012

It was so nice to see you all this week.  I was so happy to be able to use SKype.  That was awesome.  Let me just say this.  You all look wonderful.  It maybe was skype but you all lost weight or something.  Brian is super tall now.  It was sweet.  

Okay so you know how our mission goal was to teach 20 lessons.  We didnt do it last week but we got 18.  That was majorly sweet. Really good to teach that.  Set a couple baptisimal dates and really bring the gospel into some peoples lives.  Well let me just tell you something.  This week has already been a firecracker.  We have 10 already with 2 palnned tonight.  That is crazy.  I just went on a roll and just talked to everyone.  I was a little slow, really thinking about the family for a while after that.  Monday morning was difficult but I just got in some groove and went nuts.  It was sweet.  4 monday 6 tuesday.  BOOM.  And I dont know If I told you this before But I love the africans.  I can speak english to them and they are so willing to listen and help themselves.  We taught a really sweet lesson to two guys yesterday and they were so ready to get baptized.  Like it was crazy.  I am loving Lecco

I have got to say that I do have my struggles.  things are definitely NOT perfect.  I am not the most patient person in the world and it has been a real big challenge for me to have some difficult companions.  I am really learning how to take deep breaths and just calm down.  I just start to sing a hymn or the mission song.  Way sweet.  It helps me a lot.  And writing letters helps me too.  But I am getting over myself and really putting myself to the Lord.  It is so worth it.  I am really helping people grow and they help me grow tons too.  

Thanks so much for all the love and support.  I hope that those CDs got into the mail, just waiting for some new music.  I love you .  It was great to see you all.  Ciao-dy

Anziano Treadway