Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May 23, 2012

Sooooo....hello all.  I am doing wonderful.  Still alive from the earthquake.  No need to worry.  I am really fine.  Also, things are going great with the work.  Thanks for all letters and love i have recieved and feel everyday.  Its really helpful to know that I have that support at home for what I am doing here.  I know that you all look forward to these letters so I will try to make this one good. 
First thing.  And this is something that You dont need to worry about.  I will be fine.  But the past two weeks we have been completely out of money.  Like I havent done grocery shopping for a very long time.  We have just been traveling so much that it is just all gone now.  But we are getting a reimburesment tomorrow so we are going to do our spesa then, so we have food for the last week of Anziano Valli's "life" on the mission.  It was funny.  We just didint have anything, and we have lived off pasta for the past week.  Just something that you dont wanna do, but i mean, its good, but it doesnt help the insides to work right yo know.  Just a little difficult.  Anyways...we are fine and the work continues. 
Speaking of the work.  Holy cow, talk about crazy week.  We were everywhere on our bikes last week.  Up mountains down mountain, here there everywhere.  Now i am sounding like Gato nella cappella. Cat in the hat.  Hahaha.  Anyways.  Yeah wer taught a ton of lessons last week.  23 to be exact.  We hit our mark.  And exceeded expectations.  Awesome stuff.  Always working but the work is guided by the lord.  I am really feeling good about that.  We did alot.  And we set a lot of baptisimal dates.  3 to be exact.
One of them Lorretta, such a miracle.  This is the first person that I have seen on my mission to change her life completely around so that she can be baptized.  She said that she has had a horrible life and after our visits she feels soo good.  She has been coming to church and now we are working on getting here to stop smoking.  We are going to call her everyday for as long as it takes. It is something that the lord will help her on.  Her date is for the 9th.  I am so ready for that.  Its going to be perfect. 
We had such an amazing training session the other day.  President also interviewed us.  That was nice to talk to him.  I really love my president. 
Okay that earthquake.....I felt it.  AND I woke up in the middle of the night to my bed moving.  And you want me to be honest.  It was at like 3 o clock, I wake up to my bed shaking and I have seen too many ghost movies, I thought that it was an evil spirit or something so immediately I was on my knees praying.  I didnt know what else to do.  The bed kept shaking and I thought that my faith wasnt stong enough, so I prayed even more, nothiing, so I prayed one more time, this time is like good posture not with my head on the pillow and really poured out my soul, and it stopped, still not knowing that it was an earthquake.  I didnt say anything to my collega.  I thought that the lord had blessed me with safety from the "evil spirit" in the room.  Yepp...later that day i found out that is was an earthquake.  I felt dumb.  But I thought that my prayer was really good.  Hhahahahah.  Oh good ol me in the middle of the night.  I have strange thoughts.  Evil spirits.  pshhhh
Anyways.  I love you all.  Hopefully those CDS are in the mail.  Love you
Anziano Treadway.