Thursday, May 10, 2012

May 9, 2012

Well hello there. 
This email wont be super long.  I hope that all is well.  I hope that you are all doing wonderful this past week. It seriously been one crazy week.
Alora, abbiamo avuto tanti bidone questo setimana.  Non mi piace.  Verramente una grande problema per noi.  Ogni volta chiamiamo nostri simpatizanti, dicono che si possiamo passare.  Ma quando andiamo non sono li.   Poi la piove non mai ferma.  Ho bisogno di una pausa.  Ma sono un missionario quindi non ho pause.  hahah.  Va bene, va bene. Mi piace la citta adesso. Il tempo e bellisimo.  Senza piove.  Ma avevamo solo 14 lessioni questa setimana.  Una cosa che possiamo fare bene prossima setimana. 
Comunque.  So my our baptismal date went down the drain in the past couple days. Just very frustrating.  We dont know what to do.  We are trying to really get them going but there is a lack of testimony. We just need to continue working and things will work out.  I know.  Just another trial that we can become stronger from.  I am really relying on prayer and fasting.  As much as I hate to fast, I am doing it to help our investigators. 
We did a scambio with Merate yesterday. We went out into the countryside to do some tracting.  We found someone.  It was awesome.  Then on the way back, the bike started to make a very strange sound, so I stopped.  I looked back, moved it one foot and the back tire fell off.  The lord really blessed me their. I couldve lost that wheel and gone flying.  I would not have enjoyed that.  I am really enjoying Lecco now.  I didnt think that I would be but the members are just getting better and better every single day.  They are really supporting us.  I am ecstatic.  The growth in their testimonies have really strengthened mine.  They are even doing a fast next month for missionary work.  Its great. 
Well, I hope all is well.  Cant wait to talk to you all. 
Love you
Anziano Treadway