Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May 30, 2012

So yes, there have been so many earthquakes lately.  The lord is coming soon.  Earthquakes in diverse places, I think yes.  They all say that it is weird.  We were at the church this time getting ready to teach a lesson and the floor starting shaking.  I thought it was gonna be like the Book of Mormon where the spirit was too strong and it just dropped the walls down, didnt happen, and it probably wouldnt have been something that I would have wanted.  But the lesson was good. 
Miracles.  You wanna hear a good one.  That lady that we are teaching Loretta, she is getting baptized next Sunday.  Well we taught her the word of wisdom and she accepted it.  She hasnt smoked since then, over a week OR drank coffee.  AMAZING!!  And she just accepted the law of tithing.  What do you know.  She keeps saying that she needs more time but it feels right so she is going for it.  Amazing.  I love that woman.  She is reading every day and hasnt missed a day in church for 4 weeks now.  She just met the bishop and wants to come.  We keep asking her on Fridays when we teach her, will you come to church?.  She gives us the best answer.  I have been there every week havent I.  I am not changing now.  YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!   Loretta.  YOU ARE AMAZING!!! 
You wanna hear another one.  Francisca.  Difficult bugger.  She was telling us that she didnt wanna talk to us ever again.  LIke she was finished.  Dang....lost an investigator but her ex boyfriend who we found out is now her boyfriend again was still wanting to learn more.  So I Called him up.  And it kinda went like this.  Whats up Gabriele.. Its the missionaries.  We want to see if you still want to meet with us. Maybe this week sometime.  Wednesday??  Yeah that would be great...silence, except the background, Fransisca, WHO IS IT!!!  IS IT THE MISSIONARIES:  LET ME TALK TO THEM!!!  (OKay side note, she speaks super fast and I was not ready for her)   She TAKES the phone, (some girlfirend) and starts to say that we are crazy and we need to stop bothering them.  I just follow the spirit.  I am sorry Fransisca for everything.  please meet with us one more time.  I am a missionary of the Church and I am called to help you.  I dont want to tell you, you are wrong but just give us one more chance.  She says...okay, but tomorrow I am going to really think about this.  okay....ciao. 
That was it. She hung up.  She calls us the next day and says...I heard that you Mormons marry more than one woman.   Uh oh, Polygamy.  Bring it.  I explain it.  I love you one woman, its hard to break that love in between 7.  In the past, yes, that was commanded from god to replensih the lords kingdom, but now we dont.  Fransisca you saw in church what happens.  One man, one woman.  Thats how it goes.  ( I was being completely honest with her.  I cant love 7 women all at the same time.  i cant even manage myself, let alone another 7 people, AND KIDS!!  So I only will have feelings for one person.  Just making that clear.  AHahahaha)  She hangs up the phone.  NEXT DAY...THE LESSON of ALL LESSONS!!! 
Fransisca walks in.  Ciao...I have had some time to think about church, yesterday I didnt feel good, because I wasnt going to come.  So I prayed to know what to do.  The spirit gave me an answer.  I need to get baptized on the 17th of JUNE!!  Me...with my jaw dropped....ummmmm...Yes we can do that.  Hahahahah.  The lesson went beautifully.  She wants to help us teach gabriele so that they can get baptized together.  Its great.  MIRACLES!!! 
Well, that is how i am doing.  GREAAT!!!  I love you all.
Anziano Treadway