Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August 1, 2012 Sitting here with my Fanta

 Let me just say that orange soda here is better than anything you will ever taste in America that says something about Orange soda.  I have never tasted such liquid before.  Anyways, i am sitting here with my Fanta.  I hope that you all are doing well.  My buddies, my family.  I am doing absolutely great.  I really enjoy my time that i have to serve the lord.  Its two years exclusive, but listen, it doesnt stop.  we all should be going out there.  Spreading the happiness that we found.  

So yesterday we went to Milano, Anziano thomas had a really bad ingrown toenail.  It was nasty.  Surgery was definitely needed on such a case.  So we spent the day in Milano.  It was not planned, but the coolest thing was that we got to eat at a sitdown restaurant.  I didnt think that I would ever get to say taht on my mission.  Its not everyday that we have enough money to do that.  Everything is all good with Anz T now.  Dont worry.  He is just wearing sandals, it looks finny doiung finding work. 

My week wasnt too exciting.  Just taught some people, we got 20 lessons, thats always sick.  I mean, an apostle said that if we teach 20 lessons, we will see some double baptisms.  I am seeing the miracles,  We set two more baptismal dates, one with Richard and one with Kingsley.  Two ghanains.  Super sweet guys.  I really am praying that they see the happiness and the truth in the message.  They keep wanting to pay us for praying for them.  I love the sincerity of the Africans.  I didnt thinkn that i woul dbe teaching so many africans.  But let me just say this, they are here for a reason, maybe it was to find work, but the are so willing to listen to the word of god, and the except that.  
I am wondering whats going on with Mitt Romney and Obama right now.  Its just being talked about all the time, people are asking us questions, but we dont know anything.  so whats going on?? 

Natacha, our batpismal date, went off to France for two weeks,  we are going to move her date.  She is just doing so amazing.  She knows that its true.  She just cannot wait to be baptized.  She has a huge testimony of Joseph Smith.  thank goodness.  Everything else follows after that.  She is going to read the book of mormon in France.  She said that she was going to try and finish it.  HOLY COW!!  She read the 8 witness testimony, and just loved it.  She said that she could testify of the truthfullness too.  I think that these next couple days are going to be really big for her.  If she can keep things going or not.  IF she does, her husband will see it, and he will be curious, its going to be great.  The ward is diong really good.  I am really loving my mission.  
I am just surprized how fast things are going.  7 months at home seem like forever, but here it just flew by.  Its just gone.  I now am older than any sister missionary that is going to come on a mission.  I will be home before any sister missionary.  CRAZY!!  I love it though.  I dont want it to end.    

Anziano Treadway