Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August 15, 2012 Hey Yallllllllll

It doesnt mean anything.  I was just thinking about Cowboys when I did the subject line.  No in fact I saw my MTC companion the other day. Anziano MONEY!!!  i love that kid, and he is a cowboy.  Ecco, the connection.  Now.  THINGS ARE GOING GREAT!!  I am really living it up here.  Things are better than ever.  I am in Italy, I have an amazing companion and I have just amazing friends and family at home and on the mission just supporting me like nothing else.  Really good stuff.  i am so happy that I could be out here serving the Lord and showing you all that this is possible.  we can be good examples and we can really help people every day.  that is the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I am really feeling as though the people that dont have the gospel are lost and we are the ones going through the forest with a machete and torch and saving them, and then pointing to our buddy Thomas on the tower and saying, that guy is the boss.  And Jesus Christ is standing next to him helping him tell us where to go.  (Sorry, I used this example to teach an african that there is an importance of a living prophet. )  GOOD STUFF

Well nothing much has happened this week so I am just going to be writing about how I am and just going without much of a plan.  I hope that is okay, it will give you a little taste of Ben, not just Anziano Treadway.  i hope the introduction really helped you see me, can you picture me saying that to someone and using hand gestures to an African that is just so confused.  It was pretty sweet.  Anziano Thomas was digging it.  He was cracking up and I was like telling this guy richard.  BY THE WAY RICHARD IS THE MIRACLE MAN!!  I was thinking for a while that there was nothing going on.  I was feeling that there was no miracles in my mission.  I couldnt see anything.  I was getting really frustrated.  And we havent had any new investigators, and then one night I prayed to help me see miracles.  The next day we were teaching Richard, the prophet lesson and he said, I want to follow this man.  And I was just hit so hard by the spirit that this man is the miracle.  he has been reading the book of Mormon every single day and praying.  He was going to come to church but got sick.  But this guy has been just so amazing.  The spirit was just like"Ben, this man sitting here is your miracle, you will baptize him, and he has been here the entire time."  I didnt see it.  I was being such a closed person and thinking that this wasnt going to be going anywhere.  BUT NO!!!  He is going to get baptized and he has been wanting to change his life.  I cant believe how fast the Lord answers prayers.  Its so true.  he is just waiting for us to ask.  and it may not come immediately, but something will just happen and you will be like OHHHHH thats what I was looking for.  

WE GOT 20 LESSONS!!  Just a little pump up for Anz TREADWAY!! Happy about that.  

Okay we have a CD Dad, it sounds exactly like Allison Krause.  I was just thinking about one time that we were driving home and trying to figure out the lyrics. she has a wonderful voice, just pronunciation is just a little bit off.  That is okay though.  In todays world, all you need is a good vioce, and even then that isnt needed.  You should see it, some kids thought that they would enter some talent show and do some italian rap that they cam up with.  They sound really retarted, they are like yelling with some really deep growly voice, but then they stop and say thanks and they just had the highest most girly voices ever.  It was hilarious.  

Yeah so that is about all.  Okay, my finger will be the reminder of my mission for the rest of my life.  Its going to leave a really nice scar.  REALLY NICE AND BIG!!  I took the stitches out my self hesterday.  I didnt want to go to the hospital this morning.  Its all good.  I didnt it with some pretty clean toenail clippers.  hahaha.  Missionaries do the darndest things.  I have been loving my time here in Bergamo.  seriously so much fun.  I am learning so much about my savior and how the atonement works.  PUT IT IN ACTION!!!!  I love you all and want the best.  

MATT!!  i got your letter buddy.  I will be sending one your way next week monday.  I love you man.  

Josch! I love you man.  I havent heard much from you But I know that you are just killing it out there.  

Michael HENDRIX!!  Dude, I love hearing how much you are baptizing.  Keep it up

Dealio!!  I miss you man.  You must be having a ball.  I know you are just baptizing like a freak.  

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH AND WANT THE BEST FOR YOU GUYS!!  You are all the best.  not just you four but everyone else.!!!  

Go BYU!!  Go GIANTS!!  Red Sox, you guys are killing me.  

B-Rad, write me


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