Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August 22, 2012 ...Here comes Transfer 5

Hey everyone, Transfers is this week and nothing is happening to me except getting older in the mission.  We are staying together anziano Thomas and I.  I am happy about it.  I really love the guy.  We are so alike.  Its so much fun to do finding work and such.  5 transfers.  Thats a lot, but not really when my last companion is going home.  Anziano Mauldwin is finished man!!  I called him yesterday.  He sounds so ready, but its okay.  I loved that kid.  He was great.  All the baptisms are doing really well.  Loretta, Fransisca and Gabriele are all active and coming every sunday.  its so good to hear that.  

The work, NATACHA IS BACK!!  Its good to have some investigators to teach.  we are going to dropping all of our africans soon.  None of them come to church.  Its really hard to have them make progress when they dont come to church.  ITS the most important thing.  It needs to happen or they dont grow or change.  I need some solid people with cars.  Pray for us.  Finding work is not that bad, we are venturing into places that have never been seen.  Its great because people really start to listen more becuase they have never heard or seen anything about us.  Its really good.  

We are probably going to be moving apartments here.  That would be good.  Our apartment is a dump.  But I will let you know really quickly if we change addresses.  Umm.  Not much else really happened here this week.  We are just chugging along like the little train that could.  I love hearing from all of you.  Family and friends, keep me going.  You are all amazing.  

I love you all.  Sorry that this one is super short.  

Love Ben