Wednesday, August 8, 2012

August 8, 2012 I Really Want a Poppy Seed Muffin

Another week.  The time is just flying by. I cant believe that we are rolling through august already.  Its going so fast.  sometimes i just want to stop and hold on to it but I cant do that. which is hilarious, the harder i work the faster things go.  but i just want to work harder and harder and serve even more, but it just means that i am going to lose the time faster.  strange paradox of the mission. 

Okay so good news.  Just recently Italy has recognized The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints as a church instead of cult now.  hahaha.  But this is good, it means, if needed the church can request money, it wont ever happen. We can do service now for Italy.  And most of all, the marriages done in the temple are also counted as legal marriages.  Before the Italians had to get married in the courts and then they had to go to the temple within 2 days for the sealing.  But now a sealing is just seen immediately as legal.  So good for the Italians.  I am very happy.  

Anyways, Thursday last week I got the FLU!!  I was out for the whole day and dying on Friday from being so achy.  I was not expecting it.  But it really hit me hard.  I was sleeping for like 15 hours on Thursday.  I really got rested up, but i was not eating or drinking anything. I was dying. But i am feeling a lot better now.  And unfortunately, this morning I cut my finger WIDE open.  i was washing the dishes and the cup broke right in my hand, slit it right over my thumb. I went to the hospital and got 6 stitches.  that was the first time EVER that I had gotten stitches.  CRAZY!!  The lady that did it, in very broken english, says " Okay I go, this is my first time ever doing stitches."  WHAT!?!  Excuse me, can I have someone experienced.  and then the best part, the doctor comes in and says, the phone is for you, and mid stitch SHE TAKES THE CALL!!  WHAT THE FREAK is this.  No wonder the hospital visit was free.  Anyways.  I am alright.  My thumb hurts. 

Everything is goin well.  Investigators are coming along. We are finding new people, its just getting them to church that is literally the hardest thing ever.  I dont know what else I can do.  I invite them.  THEY dont have cars, the busses dont work right now, Vacation for all italy, and so its really difficult.  But its going to be alright. We are working with 4 people that all have baptisimal dates. We havent seen natacha now for 2 weeks but she is coming back from Vacation this sunday and we are going to see her next week.  i really hope that she has been reading.  If so, things are going to be so great.  I dont know.  The work is going well here in Bergamo.  I really like the city.  Its really beautful.  

Umm what else.  BOH!  I dont know.  I love you guys.  I hope all is well.  


Anziano Treadway