Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August 29, 2012 Hello Everybody

I know that my subject lines are just getting really boring.  I will just start number in a couple of months.  

First and foremost.  Transfers and I am still here, dont worry.  I love bergamo with a passion.  I love the places around.  I love the people.  there are tons from Bolivia.  They are just the most sweet people in the world. And Italians are just awesome like always.  HAND GESTURES like CRAZY!!  I will teach you MOST of them. There are so that arent the greatest to learn but when the memberst tell you what it means, it just happens to stick in your mind...OKAY dont do that one.  Its great though how much of a support they are for us.  The members love the missionaries here and its really sweet when they just love to have us come over and teach them.  they are just wanting to have the spirit always in their home.  They love the missionaries.  WE LOVE THEM!!  

Our new district is SICK!!  Just saying.  We got a new anziano here in Bergamo.  he is from Silverdale Washington.  I dont know if you know where that is Dad.  I dont.  

We found tons of new people to talk to and teach, some of the lessons havent happened yet so I dont know if they are going to be really elect or anything but its really good becuase all the Italians are coming home from their vacations so we can start finding some more of them.  And they are all happy too becuase they just spent 4 weeks at the ocean.  I would be happy to.  Dont you think...  YEAH!!  

Natacha is doing really well.  She really wants us to teach her kids too and tell them why she is studying with us now.  She has kind of bounced around with churches but we are going to really help her family know.  that is tonight.  I am bringing cookies too.  I am going to bribe them.  You know how I do.  hahahha.  I am just kidding.  they should like the cookies.  

I love the mission.  I really am enjoying everything..  I am learning how to cook different things and everything. I just splurged on some italians ties so now I am set.  Its good stuff.  I love Italy.  

Anziano Treadway