Wednesday, October 2, 2013

September 18, 2013 WEEK 14

Good Morning everyone

Its Anziano Treadway here in Genova.  I hope that everyone is doing great.  I am doing great.  i am pretty tired but that doesnt change that we have been working super hard trying to baptize.  We have been working with some people trying to help them out.  We are happy with the things that are going on.  Unfortunately with some events, we have lost basically all of our investigators, and so we are starting from base 1.  Its okay.  we are going to keep working hard and see what we can do in the next 4 weeks.  Its game on.  I love this city and the members and everyone.  We are doing a lot of member work and getting innactive members into chruch again, and to me, that is also really important.  Because we cant just keep baptizing with out the other people that are running away you know.  I hope that we can see some success.  I am doing great.  I just wish that all of you are doing great.  Life is good.  Still training.  Erickson is good.  We are getting along great.  I miss you guys

Anziano Treadway